Why Kentico?

Basic Data Solutions develops exclusively with Kentico. From small information websites all the way through to full blown enterprise-level systems, Kentico has all the capabilities required - a flexible repository, versioning, customizable workflow, configurable security and tools for efficiently creating and managing dynamic content. Despite its sophistication, Kentico is designed for ease of use; it enables even nontechnical users to create rich, highly interactive sites. The platform's user focused approach has many organizational benefits when compared to competing solutions - high adoption rates, increased productivity, lower training requirements and better user satisfaction.

Content Management

Updating your website with Kentico is really intuitive. All pages are organized in a tree hierarchy that reflects the site navigation, so you can easily find the page you want to edit, make the changes and click Save. It's that easy! And the site structure (including menu entries and menu item levels) is created automatically as pages and documents are added, deleted, and moved around. For example, in addition to unbroken menu entry links, when a website page or document is moved to a new location in the site tree, all onsite links that have been inserted by editors into the WYSIWYG editable areas are also instantly updated - no broken onsite links!

Here's a recent comment from a client:

"This is the first time I have ever used the Kentico system and I have found it to be extremely user friendly.  I wanted to be able to change and edit information on the website myself and I have found that I can do this quickly and easily.  I really love using this system and I am extremely happy with the outcome."

Eve McKenzie, Dogaholics

Image Editing

Kentico comes with an integrated image editor that enables you to edit images in all web image formats. You can resize, rotate, convert or trim images directly from your browser, without using specialized software.

Security and User Management

Kentico can store millions of user accounts in its database and they can be easily managed through the administration interface. New user accounts can be created via the CMS by administrators, or (if required) via a registration form available on the public website that a visitor submits. The new user registration request automatically creates the appropriately configured user account, initially set to "Disabled" and notifies the relevant Administrator via email that a new account is awaiting approval. Once the account is approved by the Administrator, the new user receives an automatically generated email notification that their account is active, and includes the relevant link to login.

Authenticated users are able to fully manage their own profile, including creating/editing their own password, personal details, and email address.

Content Locking, Workflow and Versioning

To avoid concurrent editing and overwriting of someone else's changes, Kentico comes with content locking support. It allows your editors to check out content before editing so that it is not available for editing by other users until it is checked back in.

All pages can retain versions (up to the number of levels required), enabling published pages to be rolled back.

Media and Document Libraries

Using Kentico you can create multiple media libraries where you can store images, music, video, PDFs, presentations or even Flash or Silverlight applications. You can insert these files into the text or display them as galleries.

Document Libraries allow you to manage uploaded files. They support:

  • Direct editing using Microsoft Office
  • File management - Copy/Delete/Open/Edit/Upload
  • Permission management on the file or Document Library level
  • Check-in/check-out
  • Workflow
  • Version history and archiving

Mobile Functionality

With the responsive design capabilities of Kentico, your website design will automatically adapt to different screen sizes, and easily translate to a mobile platform from the desktop version. With responsive design, you create your website content once and have it adapt to various screen sizes and devices on the fly.

And much, much more!

Have a look at all the features here, or download the flyer

  • Kentico is a registered trademark of Kentico Software s.r.o., a company registered in the Czech Republic, and is used here with permission.
  • Kentico and the Kentico logo(s) are registered trademarks of Kentico Software s.r.o., a company registered in the Czech Republic, and are used here with permission.