Image Optimization with Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Optimizing both the dimensions and file size of images can be performed easily using the Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

  1. Edit Pictures ...In Explorer, right-click an image file and select Open With | Microsoft Office Picture Manager from the pop-up menu
  2. Click Edit Pictures… on the toolbar
  3. Change picture sizeClick Resize in the Task Pane
  4. Open the “Predefined width x height” dropdown, and select an appropriate size. Note that the height will be sized proportionately. For example, if you select E-mail – Small (160 x 160 px):
         Original size – 1280 x 1024
         New size – 160 x 128 pixels
  5. IMPORTANT – from the File menu, select Save As… and give the picture a new filename, otherwise your original picture will be overwritten with the new file’s dimensions!


Mass OptimizationFor mass-resizing/optimizing all images in a folder using Microsoft Office Picture Manager, open one of the images as described above, and then click the Thumbnail view on the toolbar. Drag to select all the icons before you click Edit pictures.